Emergency Medical Transportation Can Save Your Life

...But it could cost you thousands

Broadening Medevac Membership Programs

When you live, work or play in remote areas, having access to emergency air medical transportation is essential. It should also be affordable – and we aren’t the only ones who think so!

Recently, medevac procedures, providers and costs have been getting a lot of attention from legislators in Alaska. As another beautiful and occasionally dangerous Alaskan winter morphs into spring, a general broadening of medevac membership programs has been a focus for the state’s legislature.

The reality for many Alaskans (and those visiting for adventure) is that when work and play don’t go quite as planned, a medevac flight becomes a life-saving necessity. Unfortunately, that kind of life-saving transportation can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Apollo MT by Guardian Flight exists to protect you from those costs and to give you peace of mind while you enjoy this Alaskan life!

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