Emergency Medical Transportation Can Save Your Life

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Many families are now turning to emergency air medical transport memberships to guarantee their loved ones get the medical assistance they need without the costly burden of emergency air transportation bills. Why? Because while an injury, accident, or illness may be treated, the costs incurred often linger and can be debilitating log after physical wounds have healed.

Emergency Medical Transportation Happens…And Happens Often

  • Every year, an estimated 550,000 patient in the United States receive emergency medical transportation by air
  • That means roughly 1 of 550 people receive air transportation (although, this is much higher in rural areas)
  • While transportation for accidents & trauma is important, it’s far more common for patients to be transported for common illnesses or injuries that require the attention of a specific medical professional that isn’t available where the patient is located

Protect Yourself From the High Cost of Emergency Medical Transportation

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Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable, but the membership application may be withdrawn or canceled by the applicant within the first 10 days and all membership fees will be refunded.