Emergency Medical Transportation Can Save Your Life

...But it could cost you thousands

Guardian and Apollo… Together Again

Guardian Flight and Apollo MT were originally owned and operated by the same individual. Together, they created a seamless, and cost-effective, air medical transport service for citizens of Alaska. For the past five years, the two companies have operated as separate entities. They have both provided a valuable service to the state of Alaska but they have done so independently. We are excited to announce that these two programs, Alaska’s largest air medical provider (Guardian Flight) and Alaska’s largest membership program (Apollo MT), are now one again!

Guardian Flight purchased Apollo MT earlier this spring. Current Apollo MT policyholders’ accounts will not change or be disrupted. Moving forward, customers can purchase the new program, Apollo MT by Guardian Flight, and receive the same piece of mind knowing that their remaining balances will be forgiven if transported by Guardian Flight.

“This purchase will provide citizens with a membership program that is now fully backed by the largest and most comprehensive air medical provider in the state,” explained Timothy Baker, Apollo MT’s Vice President. “We would like every citizen in Alaska to be covered by the Apollo MT by Guardian Flight membership program. It makes sense in that it will save you money.”

“We are so happy to bring Apollo MT back into the family,” stated Joseph Hunt, Guardian Flight President and Owner. “They have established a large membership base by providing an excellent product. We are excited and will be available for those members if they ever need our service.”

Interested customers can purchase an Apollo MT by Guardian Flight membership online at www.apollomt.com or by calling Apollo MT by Guardian Flight at (888) 457-1711.

For Media Inquiries, Please Contact:

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Timothy Baker
250 Cushman Street Suite 4J
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Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable, but the membership application may be withdrawn or canceled by the applicant within the first 10 days and all membership fees will be refunded.